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MNOA is an association that was formed for all levels and areas of law enforcement. This includes patrolmen, detectives, administrators, corrections, state wildlife officers, state land officers, highway patrol, and federal agents from all branches.

Established in 1995, the MNOA has subsequently grown in size to include over 175 members from throughout Montana. During the past several years, the MNOA has sponsored numerous training seminars, as well as numerous annual conferences which have resulted in providing various types of training to over 100 law enforcement officers within the state.

This is not an organization devoted solely to law enforcement officers who are full-time narcotics investigators. All of us in law enforcement become involved in narcotics investigations at some time. Let's face it, each and every traffic stop is a potential drug bust. Also drug use and sale has become such an omnipresent part of life today, that all law enforcement officers must possess some degree of expertise in this area. This organization is designed for all of us in the field of law enforcement. MNOA offers invaluable training for all of these areas of law enforcement. Types of training include, but are not limited to traffic interdiction and safety, handgun retention, raid planning and execution, interview techniques, drug identification, legal updates, along with numerous other formats that may come up.

Anyone having any training suggestions, can contact their regional officer or any of the board members. MNOA was also formed to attempt to make any necessary changes that may be due to change the current state laws. This attempt is made through several resources and is ultimately taken to the legislature for proposal. MNOA also offers one of the most important tools that law enforcement can have and that is networking with all areas of law enforcement throughout the state and sometimes into other states. This is made largely possible through the regional schools and the yearly conference.

By being a member of MNOA and attending the schools that are hosted and co-hosted by the MNOA members, we are able to share valuable information with other members. It is imperative that we, as law enforcement officers, have a better communication network than that of the people we deal with.

If you are interested in becoming an MNOA member please contact a Board Member or Regional Representative.