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MNOA is an association that was formed for all levels and areas of law enforcement. This includes members from street patrol, criminal investigations, corrections, prosecutors, and highway patrol, as well as federal law enforcement agents from all branches. Established in 1995, the MNOA has subsequently grown in size to include over 125 members from throughout Montana.

During the past several years, the MNOA has sponsored numerous training seminars, as well as annual conferences which have resulted in providing various types of training to hundreds of law enforcement officers within the state. This is not an organization devoted solely to law enforcement officers who are full-time narcotics investigators. All of us in law enforcement will become involved in narcotics investigations at some point. Officers are aware that any traffic stop could potentially lead to a drug investigation. Because illegal drug use and sales has become such an omnipresent part of life today all law enforcement officers must possess some degree of expertise in this area.

MNOA is an inclusive organization created by all of us, for all of us, in the field of law enforcement.