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MNOA offers invaluable training for all areas of law enforcement. Types of training include, but are not limited to traffic interdiction and officer safety, handgun retention, raid planning and execution, interview techniques, drug identification, legal updates, along with numerous other issues that may arise. Any LEO having desired training suggestions or needs can contact their regional representative or any of the board members to make arrangements to sponsor training. The MNOA was also formed to assist with new legislative matters. The MNOA not only lobby's on behalf of new legislation, it's members are also directly involved in writing and amending current legislative bills and proposals. MNOA also offers one of the most important tools that law enforcement can have and that is networking with all levels of law enforcement throughout Montana and other states. This is made largely possible through the regional schools and our annual conference.

By being a member of MNOA and attending the schools that are sponsored or co-hosted by MNOA members, we are able to share valuable information with other law enforcement personnel. It is imperative that we, as law enforcement professionals have a better communication network than the suspects we deal with.