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In the event of the discovery of a clandestine laboratory:Stay upwind or outside of the lab. Do not touch any of the evidence, chemicals, materials or substances involved.

THIS IS AN OFFICER SAFETY ISSUE FIRST AND FOREMOST!!! SECONDLY, YOUR DEPARTMENT MAY INCUR EXTREME COSTS IF THE LAB IS HANDLED WITHOUT A CERTIFIED LAB INVESTIGATOR PRESENT ON THE SCENE!!!Treat the lab as a Hazardous Materials Site and a crime sceneRemove all suspects or other persons from the immediate area and arrange for medical assistance - these individuals may have been contaminated and must go through a decontamination process (the Fire Department and EMS can assist) Do not attempt to stop the process of the lab if it is active; i.e. do not turn electricity off or on Contact the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Duty Agent @ (406)657-6020:Provide the DEA Duty Agent with as much information about the lab as possible: Location of the lab (address, milemarker and highway, nearest town, U.S. Forest Service or BLM Land, etc) Size of the lab: chemicals or containers present (to estimate the amount of clean-up equipment needed) Contact one of the Certified Lab Investigators nearest the lab location: See the list of Lab Investigators on the MNOA website The DEA Duty Agent may be able to help locate the nearest lab investigator.Provide security for the lab site: To protect the public from contact with the hazardous materials To preserve evidence pending processing by a lab investigator To protect the Hazardous Waste Contractor during the removal process (the Contractors are not law enforcement and must not be left alone at the scene!)